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Rott’n Dan and Lightnin’ Willy

By November 30, 2018
Friday 5:00 pm

Edmonton blues fans are well aware of the talent that is Dan Shinnan (AKA Rott’n Dan) As the front man, singer and harmonica player for Boogie Patrol, Dan fronts the best blues party band in the area today, and his performance with Boogie Patrol at the 2017 Edmonton Blues Festival had the crowd on its’ feet, cheering for more.

One of Dan’s other projects is the totally engaging, back to the basics of the blues acoustic blues duo “Rott’n Dan and Lightnin’ Willy”. Focussing on pre-war Piedmont and Delta Blues, the pair bring an energy and authenticity to the music that is sure to move you. It certainly moved the judges at the Edmonton Blues Society’s “Road to Memphis” Challenge who gave the duo top marks and is sending them to Memphis to compete in the International Blues Challenge in January 2019. Don’t miss their Edmonton Blues Festival debut, kicking off the 21st Annual party in the park!

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