2017 Line-up

Friday August 25

5PM – Debra Power – www.debrapowercom
5:30PM – Albert Cummings – www.albertcummings.com
6:50PM – Victor Wainwright and the Wildroots – www.victorwainwright.com
8:30PM – 3 generations of blues with  Billy Boy Arnold & Henry Gray; Bob Corritore & Billy Flynn; Big Jon Atkinson

Saturday August 26

2PM       – Charlie Jacobson – facebook page
2:30PM – The Perpetrators –  www.theperps.ca
3:50PM – EG Kight – www.EGKightMusic.com
5:30PM – Kenny “Blues Boss” Wayne with Sherman Doucette and Charlie
Jacobson – www.kennybluesboss.com / www.shermandoucette.com
6:50PM – The 24th Street Wailers – www.the24thstreetwailers.com
8:30PM – James Harman’s Bamboo Porch Revue www.jamesharman.com

Sunday August 27

2PM       – Jenie Thai www.jeniethai.ca
2:30PM – Boogie Patrol www.boogiepatrol.com
3:50PM – Nathan and the Rhythm Scratchers www.nathandjames.com
5:30PM – Colin Linden Trio  www.colinlinden.com
6:50PM – Anthony Geraci’s Boston Blues All Stars www.anthonygeraciblue.com, featuring Toni Lynn Washington, Michelle “Evil Gal” Willson www.evilgal.com, with Mike Ledbetter and Monster Mike Welch
8:30 PM – The Fabulous Thunderbirds featuring Kim Wilson

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